Kitty Profiles

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Abbi's Week

Week 19

07. Yes, my leg is comfortable this way.
08. Yet another adorable Abbi tail position. She has the tip tucked into her fur!
09. This is one of my favorite places to be.
10. Celebrating Daddy's birthday was exhausting.
11. Paws and ears.
12. Another close up.
13. Found a new place to nap!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tigger Big Claws

Yesterday we saw Tigger's big front paw and today we present Tigger's big claw back paws!

In case you're wondering, he has all his claws on his front paws too.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tigger Big Paw

Just look at the size of those paws! No one realized how big Tigger would become. He is big in stature and big in heart.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shia Came Home!

Daddy snapped this picture through the window at 9:22 PM tonight and we are very happy to announce Shia found her way back home! Sorry for the low quality picture, but all that really matters is Shia returned!!!

We are so thrilled she is ok. She is refusing to enter the screened porch at this point, but hopefully in time Momma can prove to her it's safe to seek shelter there again. She ate a little bit and was purring like crazy when Momma went out on the patio with her. Thank you God for answering our prayers!

Momma's Plea: Come home Shia

Last night around 11:00 PM Momma opened the cat door on the back porch for Shia to go potty. Even though there was a litter box on the porch, Shia prefers to potty outside. She has not yet returned. Momma is grief stricken and terrified for Shia. Please come home Shia!!! Momma is so sorry for taking you to the vet. Please don't give up on her. You can trust her. She's frantically searching all through the neighborhood for you. She loves you so much. Come back to us Shia.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Yep, Tigger did it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Prayers for Shia

Momma noticed Shia was acting strange this morning, then she saw Shia choking, coughing, and making odd breathing sounds. As many of you know, Shia is pretty much a feral cat. Momma has been feeding her for 5 years and she only recently has been allowed to pet her. Picking her up was not an option if Momma wanted to keep all of her limbs. The problem was Shia was really struggling and Momma knew she had to run the risk and catch her. Thankfully one of Momma's friend is a vet tech and explained that if she could gently drop a large towel on Shia and act quickly, she may be able to pick her up in the towel. After many failed attempts and even more prayers, Momma finally got Shia into a large box (with lots of air holes!) and they were on their way to the vet.

After feeling such gratitude for capturing Shia, great fear set into Momma's heart. She knew that the first thing the vet would do after sedating Shia would be to test for feline leukemia. Should that test prove positive, it was basically a death sentence. Tears began to slowly fall from Momma's eyes as she expressed her love to Shia and reluctantly handed her over to the vet tech. Momma was told to return in an hour, so she kept her cell phone ever present waiting for the call which would reveal the test results. About twenty minutes later, the vet called. Great news: Shia was negative!!! Now for the bad news, Shia had grass lodged in her nose and throat. Apparently it had been in her for a few days and the obstruction continued to worsen. Thankfully they were able to extract it and Shia should be fine. While she was sedated, Shia also received multiple vaccine shots as well as an antibiotic shot.

When Momma returned to the vet to take a very indignant and terrified Shia home, she took this picture of Shia in the car right before the trip home:

Oh, poor sweet Shia. She has spent all day on the chaise lounge under its cover. The shots and trauma of the day have worn her out. She now has that very sad, I-don't-feel-well look in her eyes. Please say a prayer for Shia. We all want her to recover quickly and hopefully forgive Momma.